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Molnár és Fiai Pincészet

Molnár és Fiai Pincészet

One of the most picturesque scenery in the Hungarian countryside, the Matra region the highest
mountain peak in our country, where the volcanic soil and the sunny microclimate hours provide rich opportunities for high quality wine production. The breathtaking panorama of Abasár in this regard as well as integral part of the Matra wine unique in a lot of things: the settlements binds written historical sources about the first wine, here can be found one of the highest vineyard in the country and national curiosity, constant temperature, hundred prone basement cellars.
Molnár és Fiai Winery is a family business which has been dealing with viticulture and wine making for generations. We currently manage 40 hectares, most of white wines. Our bottled wine capacity is about 100000 bottles per year and our flag wine is the Abasári Olaszrizling.


Molnár és Fiai Pincészet Bt.
Május 1 út 3.
H-3261 Abasár
IČO HU01450504001
DIČ 22202736-2-10
Vložka číslo 10-06-027073
Spravuje:  molnaresfiai